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Where to locate a mortgage discharge?

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This is the ultimate question most of you may have about a prior mortgageĀ that was recently paid off, yet no discharge has been recorded with the appropriateĀ registry of deeds. The first step is to determine whether the original mortgage lender is still around. (Or if the mortgage was subsequently assigned, is the assignee – the currently mortgage holder on record still around?)

Chances are that if you are dealing with an order mortgage, the mortgage holder may not be around. Your next question will be “Who did they merge with?”. This is where the hard work starts. It’s tough when you don’t have any leads.

Perhaps a few google searches will reveal who the old lender merged with? (Or of there was a bank failure, who is currently responsible for clearing up title issues for such lender).

There will be times that you just have too many options to pursue. This is exactly the time where you need to get someone involved in your discharge requests. Some with experience who regularly handles this type of work can easily connect the dots and determine who may be the official party responsible for issuing your missing discharge.

Don’t stress over the missing mortgage discharge. Forward your requests to:, and your immediate lien release search will be initiated.

You’ll be surprised at home much time you can save, and your clients will be very happy with your services.

Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services of Massachusetts

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