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The rush to beat a deadline

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From past experience, I have noticed that many clients who contact me do so at the very last minute when they don’t know where else to turn. This is where my current knowledge and experience can help solve your problems. I don’t have all the answers, but with my knowledge and experience I have become familiar with the quickest and most efficient way to determine which lender may be responsible for issuing a release (your missing mortgage discharge).

I can control how quickly I handle the request. Any mortgage discharge request that I get will be taken care of the same day, otherwise within 24 hours. But, as many of you already know, when I do my part, there is nothing more I can do but wait for the lender to respond.

Again, through experience, knowledge and past practice, I have become accustomed to understanding the different processes different lenders use in handling my requests. I try to make sure that they receive absolutely everything they need to ensure that the lender can issue the release as quickly as possible, rather than come back to me and say that they were missing some information.

In the end, what you need, and what I want is your clients to be happy with your services. Rest assured if you have trouble locating a lender after 30 minutes of research, your best solution is to forward your discharge request to me. Researching and obtaining missing mortgage discharges is exactly what I do. I am here to help.

Please forward your mortgage discharge requests to, or fax to 617-500-9931.

The best strategy is to realize if you need help, send in your request to me as soon as you know you need it. I will do my best to ensure that your mortgage discharge request is obtained as quickly in time as possible. There are many factors we can control, and there are others we can not.

Clients will appreciate it when you are able to provide them great customer service without realizing the tough challenges you face in ensuring that each closing moves forward as smoothly as possible & making sure the closing takes place as scheduled.

If you have customers wondering why you didn’t get a mortgage discharge in time, just remember


Happy end of the month of August, 2011 to all.

This article was written by: Francisco

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