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The Challenge of Getting a Mortgage Discharge

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I make the best effort in getting your missing mortgage discharge as quickly as possible. The challenge is making sure the client provides me with all their available information and copies of documents. Once I have received everything, it becomes my responsibility to ensure the request gets to the right person. There lies the greatest challenge.

You and I certainly will understand and know that you need your discharge very quickly due to an upcoming property refinance or sale. But, unless the person getting my request on servicer end knows this, the request is likely to end up last on anyone’s list.


How to I Speed Up the Process?

We solve these issues, so you do not have to.

A request can take many directions, but only one correct one.We solve these issues, so you do not have to.

Having experience and a great understanding what a servicer requires before they issue and sign off on a discharge, I make sure to include all the essential information a contact person or servicer will require so they issue your discharge without delay.


Does This Require Extra Effort?

Although some servicers are known for consistent and reliable work (in producing the documents I have previously requested), it is not uncommon for others to let thing slide between the cracks.  I must admit some discharge requests have taken me 3 to 5 days, and then there have been others that take 2 to 3 months.

But I monitor each request, and make a good effort in tracking its progress. At times, it is best to restart the process. Other times, a really nice person will catch my “lost” request, and will work with me to resolve the pending issue.

With so many servicers, and so many lenders and mortgage companies going out of business, you will be glad to know Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services is here to assist you with all your mortgage discharge needs.


As always, help is only an email, fax, or phone call away.

This article was written by: Francisco

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