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Technology and registry records in massachusetts

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With computer technology being implemented into all Massachusetts Registry of Deeds locations, there are technological advanced that were once a far-fetched dream. Long gone are the days when the only way to locate a property owner was to physically locate an index book and review property transfers until you located the most recent owner. With the internet, the majority of Registry of Deeds Counties now permits the public to conduct online research with ease.

I personally have to admit that if it were not for the internet, work that years ago took days to complete , can now be done within hours. I can still recall situations when I was asked to verify whether a discharge of mortgage was recorded. With no internet access to a county’s registry of deeds, I would have to call the county and see if someone was nice enough to provide me the recording information. (The person would have to do a little bit of research on my behalf). I always selected times that I would expect the registry to be the least busy.

Within the last two years, all the Massachusetts counties have managed to provide the public access online and allow records to be searched remotely. I have made it a project of mine to try to write a “How to” guide to help those of you less experienced in conducted property searches online.

Each county has had the option of deciding which software they would like to use. Therefore a few counties have the same software, and others do not. The result being that some counties are a lot easier to use and conduct research compared to the others.  (I say easier because if don’t know how the system works, then you will still have a tough time finding the information that you are looking for).
I personally experienced difficulty in being able to locate records, but over the years have become familiar with all the counties in Massachusetts and how to best conduct research in each one.
(I do not conduct full title exams, that is left to a person who has even more expertise in this area).

Over the coming days I will provide links on my home page  so you can find each County’s Registry of Deeds along with instructions on how to conduct research on each one.

After all, the concept of the public records with each registry of deeds is public access to all.

This article was written by: Francisco

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