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Persistence is key to sucess

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Last year I ran across a mortgage discharge request that has been one of the greatest challenges I have had to face. The mortgage was originally from 2002 given to Cambridgeport Bank, local Massachusetts Savings Bank. Shortly thereafter, Cambridgeport Bank disappeared. This lender was absorbed and merged with the Citizens Bank of Massachusetts.

Citizens Bank of Massachusetts is also no longer around, due to its merger with Citizens Bank, N.A., but wait there’s more. Citizens Bank, N.A. is also no longer around since they changed their name. The current official title holder for the mortgage discharge is RBS Citizens, N.A. (But after varies requests to obtain the discharge, they refused to acknowledge my request.)

My guess is that whoever was on the other end, after receiving my requests, just didn’t know where to start and my request was probably then placed in a “don’t know what to do” pile. (In my own terminology a “BLACK HOLE” of no return.

From prior experience, I am usually able to calculate what the general turn around time will be on my request. With this specific file, I had to re-send the request varies times, perhaps as many as six, or more.

Anyhow, persistence pays off. I was in the process of reviewing my pending files, and was able to just confirm that RBS Citizens, N.A. has just recorded a discharge of mortgage with the registry of deeds, clearing up the title: My ultimate goal.

The lesson of the story: there are times that even when you know where the discharge requests go, there is no one listening on the receiving end.

P.S. – To complicate matters even worse, RBS Citizens N.A. was unlikely to ever issue a discharge of mortgage. I actually have a back way in. After having no success with my request directly to RBS Citizens, N.A., I submitted a request to their subsidiary/sister company (whatever the relationship is).
The company that finally did take care of my request was CCO Mortgage.

To recap here are all the parties involved that created one of the biggest challenges that I have faced.

Cambridgeport Bank
Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
Citizens Bank, N.A.
RBS Citizens, N.A.
CCO Mortgage

My discharge reads:
RBS Citizens, N.A. f/k/a Citizens Bank, N.A. s/b/m to Citizens Bank of Massachusetts s/b/m to Cambridgeport Bank.

Terminally defined:
f/k/a : formerly known as
s/b/m: Successor by merger

This article was written by: Francisco

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