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1stopsignAnother year is close to coming to an end. As you celebrate your accomplishments, recall what you were not able to do to ensure that it is at the top of your list for next year. This includes continuing to work in clearing up your mortgage discharge requests.

These past few weeks a good amount of effort led me to locate a servicer for One Stop Mortgage Inc. The business has not been around for a while, and there are still plenty of missing mortgage discharges needed.

Let my effort and work pay off for you. Feel free to contact me with any mortgage discharge request, and I can give you an idea right from the start of not only how much I think it will cost, but how soon the document will be in your hands.

It is a great feeling when you can rest  easy and know that the issues and concerns that haunt you are a thing of the past.

Consider that a title insurance agency or other closing attorney will likely only pass on to you their costs and actual third party fees for doing the same work.

Please contact me with any questions at 978-458-0934 or at


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