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Mortgage Discharges – First Half of 2012 at a Glance

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We are proud to have been of service to many satisfied clients. Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services of Massachusetts is a small family business. If there are any doubts about whether you should outsource a discharge request, please consider the following:

An added service business is one that provides you with exactly what you need at a reasonable cost. Specializing in researching missing mortgage discharges and assignments of mortgage has allowed us to serve clients quickly and efficiently. With reasonable costs between for per document request, you can rest assured we will work hard to keep your business.

When considering researching a lien release, or mortgage discharge, we understand your time is valuable. Our fees are fixed per document so you can be certain of what you or clients can expect. Remember, you can always include the fee on the HUD-1 settlement statement.

We have had a successful first half for the year 2012. We look forward to stronger second half. Thank you all for your requests.

What allows Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services to do our work at such low cost? Two things: Experience and Technology!



Our experience working in real estate conveyancing has allowed us to implement research procedures to ensure that if a lender or servicer can be found, we will find them. Experience has given us an advantage over others. We have built and retain a servicer contact list that allows us to quickly access and communicate with hard to find servicers. Our experience and research has allowed us to create our own successor and merger database.



Technology allows us quick and efficient research capabilities to view databases directing us to the proper parties. Even with brand new requests where we have not previously worked with a servicer, if they are out there, we will do our research to find them.



Here is some advise on how to track a potential servicer who can issue your correct or missing discharge, or assignment.

  • ¬†Review your Secretary of State website for corporate mergers and dissolutions.
  • Review Federal government databases proving you FDIC receiverships and sales.
  • Research recent activity for the entity of interest.


We look forward to strong second half for the year 2012.



Remember, your time is valuable, leave the research to us.

Contact us with your requests via email at, or via fax at 617-500-9931.




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