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I will be a Massachusetts attorney starting June 2013

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Law School Graduate

Law School Graduate

I took the MA bar exam in February, 2013 and recently received news that I was successful. This exam brings to an end my path to achieve a goal that I have had in mind for the last decade, to obtain a license to practice law.

With the great news that I will be admitted to practice law in June, 2013, it will also give me an opportunity to shift my focus to future career endeavors.

For the time being, rest assured that I plan on continuing to dedicate time to my services of assisting clients in resolving title issues by obtaining confirmatory and missing mortgage discharges, and assignments.

As I evaluate new potential career paths, I will continue to take into account my commitment to provide services to my community.

If you have any opportunity that you would like to discuss feel free to contact me. I can be reached at, or at 617-237-0729.

I am an independent thinker, committed to providing exceptional professional services, and willing to work hard to earn your trust and respect.   

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