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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently implemented new software for the online registry websites. If you have ever
been curious about where you can find a copy of your property deed online, you can.

First of all start at:

Once you are on this website, you can select the county where you live. If you are uncertain about exactly which county in Massachusetts you live in, a simple online search indicating your city and state, with “County?” should provide you the answer.  Example: Search on yahoo for “Salem, MA County?” and the county of “Essex” should come

Once you know in which county you reside, get the county homepage and review the basic search options. You generally have the ability to search by name, address, or if you already have the specific book/page for the document, you can also enter that information.

By searching under your full name, all the documents that have ever been recorded that match will show up. To ensure that you are reviewing the most recent documents, you can sort the documents by recording date by selecting the recording date.

Additional options on the website allow you to view details of the document, in addition to being able to view a full copy of the actual document after it was scanned in.

In case you are interested in printing a copy for yourself, some counties allow you to print for free, while others will charge you a $1.00 per page. If the website charges a fee, you would first need to create an account with the respective county.

I will provide a more detailed explanation on how to conduct a complete and thorough search in the near future.

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