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Does it make sense to purchase blank forms online?

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Rather than purchasing forms online, draft your mortgage discharge .


The great power of the internet is in its ability to reach so many people. With the right keyword, you are likely to land a vast amount of visitors that all were searching matching words.

I rely on the internet’s power to reach many of my new clients. I want to say “Thank you for your business” to all my current clients. To all prospective clients, please feel free to contact me with any questions at

Today, I wanted to discuss whether it makes sense to purchase blank forms online. I was reviewing information about mortgage discharge documents that is commonly found with most searches.

For most of you, it does NOT make sense to pay for any blank forms. A mortgage discharge is specialized document that only lenders are required to produce. Most commercial lenders already prepare these documents internally. I am certain that if you see enough Bank of America, or Citizens Bank discharges, you would recognize them without having first read a single word.

If you a private lender, then there is a chance that you may not be familiar with the language of a typical mortgage discharge, or spacing and structure per the Registry of Deeds recording requirements. If that is you, you may still not need to purchase blank forms online.

In reality, if you can search the registry of deeds (or copies of sample documents on the web), you can get an idea of what language needs to go into the document, and you can just draft it in a blank document yourself. Alternatively, there is a good change you may have an attorney already working on the matter, and can quickly prepare the document for you if you require it.

Many servicers I work with prepare the documents and send them directly to me, or the registry of deeds for recording. Other clients require that I first prepare a draft and then sent it over for execution.

I actually enjoy preparing the documents myself because it ensures that the information the Massachusetts Registries require will be accurate. In addition, servicers that accept draft documents for execution are able to provide me the signed document a lot faster than national lenders which have a two to three week turn-around time.

As always, the sooner I get a request, the sooner I can begin researching it.


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