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Winter Cleaning: Solve Those Missing Mortgage Discharge Mysteries

As the winter approaches, there is a chance there may be a few days where business starts to wind down with clients worrying more about their upcoming winter getaways, and family get-togethers, than keeping you busy.

But for most attorneys, although your clients may not be looking for you, there certainly is still plenty of work that can be done to clean up your office and get rid of those old title issues once and for all.

Although you may have thought that those forgotten title exam issues are no longer a problem, which is never the case.

As soon as a past client attempts to refinance, or gets an offer to purchase, they will be contacting you to help resolve a title exam issue that was on your hand, and always your responsibility. A missing mortgage discharge or missing assignment of mortgage doesn’t look good for you.

If you have run across a defective title that appears to have no solution in sight, forwarded it to Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services, and we’ll get right to it. We will conduct the research and make sure your request gets the attention it deserves.

Remember, there is no fee if we are not successful in properly clearing up your title exam issue.

At Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services, locating missing mortgage discharges, and assignments is what we do.

Our research experience, education and training make the difference.

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We look forward to working with you.

***We recently received a recorded copy of an Assignment of Mortgage recently obtained for a client. Click here to view it.***


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