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Mortgage Discharge Business Going Strong

If you are considering whether you should outsource a mortgage discharge request, please consider the following:

Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services of Massachusetts is a small family business, ready to help when you need it. We are proud to have been of service to our many satisfied clients.

An added value service, we provides you with exactly what you need at a reasonable cost. Specializing in researching and locating missing mortgage discharges and missing assignments of mortgage has allowed us to serve clients quickly and efficiently. With reasonable charges per document, you can be assured we will work hard to earn your business, and to keep it. In addition, there is never a charge when we are not successful with your request.

When researching a lien release or mortgage discharge, we understand your time is valuable. Our fees are fixed per document, so you can be certain about what you or your clients can expect. Remember, you can always include our fee on the HUD-1 settlement statement.


What allows Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services to do our work at such low costs? Experience and Technology

Our experience working in real estate conveyancing has allowed us to implement research procedures to ensure that if a lender or servicer can be found, we will find them. Experience gives us an advantage over others. We have built and retain a servicer database that allows quick access and communication to hard to find servicers. Our experience and research has also allowed us to create our own internal successor, and merger database.


Technology has allows us to conduct quick and cost efficient research. We have access to many public database directories that can guide us in investigating who may be the proper party that can issue a discharge. Even with brand new requests where we haven’t worked with a particular servicer in the past, if they are out there, our research will allow us to find them for your.

Remember, your time is valuable, leave the research to us.



Contact us with your mortgage discharge requests at, or fax your request to fax No. 617-500-9931.

We look forward to working with you.

How to obtain a bank of america discharge

Many homeowners have had loans with Bank of America. Most homeowners, realtors and attorneys are likely to think and that getting a Bank of America discharge should be a piece of cake. It can be, if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Bank of America, N.A. has separate divisions that are responsible for servicing loans. You first need to determine whether the loan originated with Bank of America. How do you find this out? Well, you need to read the first page of the original mortgage that you signed. If in fact the loan was given to Bank of America, N.A., then you are heading towards the right direction.

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Missing mortgage discharge: cityscape corp.

A few days back I received a request for a missing discharge for a company that disappeared a few years ago. At first I was excited to get the request, but not recognizing the name immediately, I know there was definitely some work to be done.

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