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How to obtain a release for an execution

If you have ever fallen behind on your credit card bills,  and just ignore them as the creditor attempts to collect a debt, you can be assured the creditor will do all within its power to make sure you eventually pay up.

Generally most credit card debt is unsecured, which means that you did not provide any collateral in exchange for the bank’s credit line that has been provided to you.

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Effective mortgage discharges

Private lenders are the toughest to find, especially when the organization they have set up was for only a few deals. There are those who make their location easily known, while there are others who may not be so kind. With mortgages that go into foreclosure, they may be no solution in sight.

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Technology and registry records in massachusetts

With computer technology being implemented into all Massachusetts Registry of Deeds locations, there are technological advanced that were once a far-fetched dream. Long gone are the days when the only way to locate a property owner was to physically locate an index book and review property transfers until you located the most recent owner. With the internet, the majority of Registry of Deeds Counties now permits the public to conduct online research with ease.

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