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Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services was started by Francisco Rosa in 2011. He is  a law school graduate. He passed the February 2013 bar exam administration and was sworn in as a Massachusetts attorney on June 26, 2013. Francisco lives in Massachusetts with his family. He is married and has two sons, a three year old and a one year old.

Francisco previously worked for over five years as a residential real estate paralegal. During these years he has worked with a wide variety of lenders including both national and local lenders.

Francisco has experience handling all aspects of a residential real estate closing due to the vast responsibilities during his employment.

One challenge that any property owner, attorney, or real estate agent may have is efficiently obtaining a mortgage discharge for a loan that has long been paid off. Over the years, tasks of this nature fell upon Francisco’s desk.

Francisco has personally handled and resolved hundreds of title exam issues, which include but is not limited to mortgage discharges, assignments of mortgage, tax taking releases, and confirmatory deeds.

Many times the property owner, attorney, or real estate agent just does not know where to turn. A title exam may show a lender that is nowhere to be located. The research can be time-consuming and get you nowhere.

Francisco started Mortgage Discharge Procurement Services to help clients outsource their curative title issues.  Allow Francisco’s experience and skills help make sure your next closing takes place as scheduled.

Please feel free to contact Francisco with questions or concerns at MortgageDischarge@Gmail.com.  You may also call (617) 396-7505.

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