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Where to locate a mortgage discharge?

This is the ultimate question most of you may have about a prior mortgage that was recently paid off, yet no discharge has been recorded with the appropriate registry of deeds. The first step is to determine whether the original mortgage lender is still around. (Or if the mortgage was subsequently assigned, is the assignee – the currently mortgage holder on record still around?)

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What is a mortgage?

For anyone just initiating the first steps in looking to purchase a home or condominium in Massachusetts, the best advice I can give you is educate yourself. Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest commitments you are going to make. You are likely to take out a loan (representing by a note), and grant a mortgage to a lender that will take about  30 years, on average, to pay off. Think about that, seriously!

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Understanding a certificate of title

For Massachusetts Land Court records, the registries have a system where each property is issued a Certificate of Title , identified by a  number that lists all liens, encumbrances, and restrictions, as well as any other matter that attached to the property ( whether favorable, such as an easement, or adverse, such as a taking).

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